History of Inlet’s Gaiety Theater

At 7:00 p.m. on Wednesday, September 9th at the Inlet Town Hall, the Inlet Historical Society will present a program by Charles Herr on the history of the Gaiety Theater Building on Inlet’s Main Street.

Herr will discuss the many uses of the building from its original purpose in 1925 as a multi-business professional building, then transformed to an entertainment venue for numerous Town organizations followed by decades as a popular movie theater under various types of building covers. In the past twenty years, the front portion has been an ice cream popular and presently is the popular Tamarack Café with Putterfingers miniature golf. Attendees will learn about its owners, the little known Jacob Routstone, the former Supervisor Clarence Lee, the Shulmans and others who succeeded and in some cases failed in longevity or profit, but always keeping it part of the Inlet community social life.

As usual, Herr will include in his presentation numerous images of the building and its times to illustrate his narrative. Members of the public are invited.

Also, please mark your calendar for the next evening, September 10, 5 to 8 p.m. for the second annual Society Spaghetti Dinner at Inlet’s Tamarack Café with all proceeds benefiting the Inlet Historical Society, contributed by Tamarack Café owners Megan and Brandon DiMartino. Funds received will assist with the monthly expenses maintaining the Society’s building.

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