Historical Society Presents “Keith’s Diner Remembered”

On Thursday, July 16, 7 p.m., at the Inlet Town Hall, the Inlet Historical Society’s program will be a presentation by Charles Herr on the memorable Keith’s Diner and the before and after history of what occupied its location. Herr will provide attendees with a history of Inlet’s first theater, Inlet’s first diner (not Keith Baerman’s), the housing of the Inlet ambulance and naturally Inlet’s first caboose.   The story of this lot includes movies, destruction by fire, tragic deaths of owners and the long history of Keith Baerman and his operation of the “not for sale” Diner.

Part of the program will include photographs and postcard images of the location’s occupants and their businesses. It is anticipated that the most interesting part of the program will come from the first hand memories of former customers in attendance.

The program is open to the public and the Society invites members to take this opportunity to renew their membership if they haven’t already done so. The Society will also update the audience concerning its future plans and events.

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