Historical Society Presents History of Rocky Point Inn

On Thursday, June 18, 7 p.m., at the Inlet Town Hall, the Inlet Historical Society’s first program of the 2015 summer season will be a presentation by Charles Herr on the History of the popular Rocky Point Inn. For almost a century of its existence, the Inn was a popular Fourth Lake hotel catering to customers of all walks of life, including Errol Flynn and Mary Pickford.

Mr. Herr will provide history from the Inn’s birth and ownership by the Rocky Point Inn Company, its financial backing by Louisa Burrell and her notable husband David, and its long term stewardship by the Delmarsh Family. Part of the program will include photographs, menus and postcard images of the Inn’s property development from its heydays to the Inn building’s demise.

Attendees are also invited to share their memories of their stays at the Inn and its services.

The program is open to the public and the Society invites members to take this opportunity to renew their membership if they haven’t already done so. The Society will also update the audience concerning its future plans and events.

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