Inlet Historical Society Expresses Additional Thanks for Support

Recently, the Inlet Historical Society issued a press release thanking those who became or renewed their membership for the current 2014 membership year that extends to the end of calendar 2014. Unintentionally, a group of generous supporters were omitted in error. The Society wishes to correct that error at this time.

Those households who were not listed previously who have supported us with their memberships and contributions are : Rick and Elaine Alesia, Mary Lou Arps and The Birches, Ken and Julie Biehn, Janet Blakeman, George and Martha Blakeslee, Jerry and Terri Britton, Tim and Jill Brownsell, Scott Buchheit, Adele Burnett, Dennis Hudson, Dora Burnett, Denise Call, Kay and Daniel Carmichael, Margaret Chambers, Beverly Ischia, Susan and Tim Christy, Pat DeLucia, Nick DeLucia, Heather Dorgan, Tracy   Dorgan, MaryDurfee, DavidDurfee, Robert Egenhofer, Jan Egenhofer, Bob Emmert, Sheila Emmert, Annette Eyre, Richard Fellows, Lorraine Fellows, Richard Flynn, Jani Flynn, John W. Gilbert and Charlene Gilbert.

The Society wishes to give special thanks to the following individuals omitted previously who support us as Sustaining Members, the highest membership category, and for their additional contributions: Allison and Bob Volkmann.

The Society regrets not listing these previously and again we thank you for your support.

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