Inlet Historical Society Expresses Thanks for 2014 Support

The Inlet Historical Society [a Section 501 (c)(3) charitable organization] wishes to thank all new and renewing members, as well as others, who have contributed to the Society’s efforts in preserving and presenting  the history of the Town of Inlet and the surrounding region.

Last year , the Society decided to convert the membership year to a calendar year, so individuals who wish to become members , or to renew their membeship for 2014, can still do so for the current year. You may obtain the membership form here or at the Town Hall.

Below, we have listed all who have already responded generously and hope readers will consider joining your friends and neighbors listed below in supporting our efforts to protect and tell about the history of the full and part time families of Inlet.

The Society wishes to also thank the following individuals who have supported us with their memberships and contributions: Eleanor Andrews, Peter Clark, Gerald Cole, Sandra Collard, Connie Costley, Lisa Gambacorta, Frank Gerace, Sherry Gerace, Michael Hess, Mary Johnson, Bill Landmesser, Mitch Lee, Gail    Lehman,Shirley Mearns, Eugene Melnyczuk, Bridget Murdock, Joanne Murdock, Gail Murray, Maureen Schanz, Carol Searing,  Donald Virkler, Joanne Vogan, David Vogan, Eleanor Wabnitz, George Wabnitz, Robert Wetmore and Bill Zullo.                      .

The Society wishes to give special thanks to the following individuals and organizations who support us as Sustaining Members, the highest membership category, and for their additional contributions: Melinda Allen, David Beck, Susan Beck, George Brownsell, Rolf Brynilsen, Jan Brynilsen, Ace Hardware Inlet- Becky Cleaveland, Gail Damon, Brad Damon, Ron Dearlove, Bill Faro II, Lynn Faro, Leslie Gunnels, Bill          Gunnels, Russ Haynes, Deborah Haynes, Charles Herr, Marsha Herr, Dale Hubner, Robin Dwyer, Jane Johngren, Peter Johngren, Waddie Kalil, Judith Kalil, Raymond Letterman, Maryellen Letterman, Inger Maslin, James Maslin, Stuart Moffett, Michele Moffett, Bruce O’Hara, Margie O’Hara, Elizabeth Reed, Eugene  Renske, Mary Renske, Harry Rissetto, Grace Rissetto, Tom Rourke, Lynn  Rourke, Paul Ryan, Diane Doyle, Suzanne  Schnittman, and Michael Schnittman.

The Society wishes to also thank the following households and institutions who have supported us with their memberships and contributions:  Ann Guiffre, Bill Guiffre, Nancy Hadley, Alex Ullloa, Margaret Haynes, White House B& B, Town of Webb Historical Association, Christine Holt, James Holt, Paul Kolwaite, Jacklyn Burth Kolwaite, James Leach, Linda Leach, Daniel Levi, Georgia Levi, John Macbeth, Shirley Collier-MacBeth, Bill McGarry, Pam McGarry, Art Milligan, Connie Milligan, Joel  Millikan, Bonnie Millikan, Dr. Melvin Murdock, Faith Murdock, Gary Myers, Sharonlou    Myers, Barbara Norkus, Raymond  Norkus, R.  Shawn O’Hara, Debbie O’Hara, Greg O’Hara, Carolyn O’Hara, Peter Rankin, Elizabeth Rankin, Nancy Reed, Charles Peele, Beth Roberts, Kristy Rubyor, David Rubyor, Pete Sala, Laurie Sala, Gary Schafran, Susan Schafran, William Schmerbeck, Erin Schmerbeck, Dudley Schneider, Elizabeth Schneider, John Schramm, Mary Kay Schramm, Donald Schwanke, Kathy Schwanke, Janel Seal, Faye Sokolosky, Peter Sokolosky, Otto Spor, Paula Spor, Tom Standing, Theresa Standing, Louis Steigerwald III, Mary Steigerwald, Miriam Taaffe, Dorothy Taaffe, Bernard Thibado, Brenda Thibado, Dianne Thibado, Donald Unsworth, Bonnie Unsworth, Douglas Wasielewski, Deborah Wasielewski, Barbara Wermuth, E. Walter Wermuth, Richard  Williams,  and Jean P Williams. Also our thanks to Burkhard-Evans, Inc.-Sarah E. Frey, CherieLandl-Deer Meadows Motel and Cottages, Ken and Linda Nelson-Nelson Cottages and Jim and Danica Nerschook-Sunset Beach Cottages.

Also, the Society wishes to express its gratitude for the continued support from the following  organizations and individuals:  the Limekiln Lake Association, Dale and Paula Stanton, Paul Reagan and Bear Camp, Marilyn Paul, Greg Nassimos .

The following contributed  as memorials to their family and friends:  Paul and Jacklyn Burth Kolwaite (Earl Burth), Douglas and Deborah Wasielewski (Pete Kalil), Connie Costley (Joe Dunay), Joanne Murdock (Evan Murdock), Bruce and Margie O’Hara (The Hodel and O’Hara Families), Harry and Grace Rissetto (Josphine Becker), Carol Searing (Robert T. Searing, Jr and Jon F. Searing),  Susan and Tim Christy (James D. Border) and Sandra Collard  (Chuck and Stell Landers).

In 2013, the Society initiated a “400 Club” project targeted to contact former members of the Inlet Historical Society to consider rejoining and also to help contribute what they could for the repair and upkeep of the Society’s new building on the main street of the village.  The  Society wishes to thank the following who contributed to the Building Fund during the 2014 membership year to date:  Miriam Taaffe, Dorothy Taaffe, Margaret Chambers, Beverly Ischia, Otto Spor, Paula Spor, Rick  Alesia, Elaine Alesia, Eleanor Andrews, Chris Biehn, Julie Biehn, Tim Brownsell, Jill Brownsell, Adele Burnett, Dennis Hudson, Burkhard-Evans, Inc. Sarah E. Frey, Kay M. Casab, Gerald Cole, Robert Egenhofer, Jan Egenhofer, Bill Faro II, Lynn Faro, Jane Johngren, Peter Johngren, Mitch Lee, John Macbeth, Shirley Collier-MacBeth, Peter Rankin, Elizabeth Rankin, Kristy Rubyor, David Rubyor, Louis Steigerwald III, Mary Steigerwald, Allison Volkmann, Bob Volkmann, Richard Williams, Jean P. Williams, Jim Nerschook, Danica   Nerschook, R.  Shawn O’Hara, Debbie O’Hara, Tom Standing, Theresa Standing, Tom Rourke, Lynn Rourke, Paul   Ryan, Diane Doyle, Mohawk Lift Systems, Inc., Waddie Kalil, Judith Kalil, George Brownsell, Leslie Gunnels, Charles Gunnels, Bill Nolan, Wendy Nolan, Michael Kalil and Mary Kalil.

The Holl family contributed the hand colored plates which hung on the Holls Inn tavern walls during its operation.  These plates celebrated wedding receptions and anniversaries.  The following had received their family’s plate and provided a donation to the Society:  Carol A. Craft, Christine Festin,
Roy Hammecker, Susan Hammecker, Bill McGarry, Pam McGarry, Marge Palmer,  Kristy and David Rubyor.

The Society could not exist without the participation and financial support of the above individuals, families and organizations.  If you meet the above folks, please thank them for their support and consider supporting the Inlet Historical Society and its programs.

March 14, 2014

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