Holl’s Inn commemorative plates

The Inlet Historical Society is pleased to announce that the many commemorative Wedding Plates that hung in and around the Holl’s Inn bar area have been collected and saved. The historical society is also now able to release these plates back to the family members who wish to have them.

To collect a plate please make an appointment with Society Vice President and treasurer Mitch Lee by calling 315-357-5501. The society would like to thank Victor Holl for allowing the saving and sharing of these plates. A donation is suggested for exchange of plates.

Since the early 1930s the owners of Holl’s Inn had a special tradition, creating a commemorative plate for each wedding and anniversary held at its establishment. These had adorned the walls creating an endless menagerie of color and memories.

The new owners of the property are happy that Victor Holl made a gesture to save many items from that Hotel’s collection for future generations with the Inlet Historical Society. If you wish to email your inquiry please also contact Mitch Lee at ltmitch3rdny@aol.com.

On Tuesday July16, 2013, the Inlet Historical Society presented Kristy Rubyor with the first Holl’s Inn painted plate which was part of a collection received from the Holl family recently.  These plates were frequently hand painted in the early years of the hotel by owner Hans Hall at the request of bridal and anniversary parties to commemorate their event. Sometimes these parties returned to Holl’s Inn for their anniversary and received a second plate.  The Holls generally made two plates for an event, with the other displayed on the hotel’s tavern walls.

Kristy Rubyor remembers attending the event recalled by the plate, on which is listed P.J. (Patience Jane) and Mike Rubyor, married June 30, 2001.  Ms. Rubyor recalled that it was a “great day”, a meeting of a mixture of good friends and family at a true Adirondack location.  Ms. Rubyor was given the plate by Charles Herr at the Goodsell Museum (as pictured) when Kristy works as an assistant to Kate Lewis, director of the museum.  After receiving the plate, Ms. Rubyor rewarded the Society with a purchase of a household membership and an additional donation to its  building fund.

Charles Herr presents a Holl's Inn plate to Kristy Rubyor.

Charles Herr presents a Holl’s Inn plate to Kristy Rubyor.

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