IHS considers Summer 2010 Presentations & Fundraising Ideas

Summer 2010 presentations and fundraising ideas were two topics addressed at the Inlet Historical Society’s February 3, 2010 Board of Directors meeting.
Mitch Lee proposed doing a two-part slide “People of Inlet” slideshow. Part One, on June 16, at 7p.m. would span from the 1860’s to 1940’s. Part Two, on July 13 at 7p.m. will cover from 1950 forward. Like last year’s Then & Now presentations, considerable audience feedback is expected for Part Two, therefore it was decided that IHS will have audio & video recording equipment on hand to capture the memories shared.
Dianne Thibado, genealogist and family historian for more than thirty years, will offer ‘Collecting Family History,’ a 2-night workshop on July 21st & 22nd. Participants will learn the tools and methods of collecting, organizing and preserving their own family histories. Advance registration is recommended because the workshop will be limited to 25 people.
Charles Herr will do a presentation of “Fred Hess and His Inlet Hotels” at the Town Hall on August 17, at 7p.m.
Fundraising ideas were then discussed. The Society has received its New York State Charter and will soon attain the 501c3 status necessary for acceptance of the building generously offered by the Inlet American Legion Post. In addition to operating expenses, IHS must now create a capital improvement fund to provide for building remodeling and creation of archival space.
Among the ideas discussed were: a downtown IHS Social with walking tours and refreshments; a North Shore History Cruise with Old Forge Lake Cruises; an Inlet Grand Camps Tour (by bus?); and an afghan raffle.
Refurbishing a building and creating archival space is quite expensive, therefore establishing a dedicated capital fund is a priority. All members and friends of the Inlet Historical Society are encouraged to offer their ideas and efforts in this regard.

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