Letter from the President, Fall 2009

Inlet Historical Society:  An impressive beginning and a permanent presence for the future.

In the Spring and early Summer of 2009, a group of interested individuals, both Inlet and seasonal residents, established the Inlet Historical Society, elected officers and approved by-laws.  In order to attract interest in the organization and the Town’s history, four historical presentations were given since then concentrating on Inlet’s past and present, as well as describing the early beginnings of Inlet.  While two were advertised as repeat events, enough was changed to attract second time viewers.

The success of these events is evidenced that the Society has already attracted over 120 individual and household memberships.  Furthermore, attendees and others have offered photos, postcards and other artifacts as well as family histories for us to preserve.  We are not presently ready to receive them. The Society’s Board is focusing its efforts to qualify as a permanent historical society and asset to the Town of Inlet.  ~ read the letter ~

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