Holl’s Inn commemorative plates

The Inlet Historical Society is pleased to announce that the many commemorative Wedding Plates that hung in and around the Holl’s Inn bar area have been collected and saved. The historical society is also now able to release these plates back to the family members who wish to have them.

To collect a plate please make an appointment with Society Vice President and treasurer Mitch Lee by calling 315-357-5501. The society would like to thank Victor Holl for allowing the saving and sharing of these plates. A donation is suggested for exchange of plates.

Since the early 1930s the owners of Holl’s Inn had a special tradition, creating a commemorative plate for each wedding and anniversary held at its establishment. These had adorned the walls creating an endless menagerie of color and memories.

The new owners of the property are happy that Victor Holl made a gesture to save many items from that Hotel’s collection for future generations with the Inlet Historical Society. If you wish to email your inquiry please also contact Mitch Lee at ltmitch3rdny@aol.com.

On Tuesday July16, 2013, the Inlet Historical Society presented Kristy Rubyor with the first Holl’s Inn painted plate Continue Reading »


Inlet Historical Society Granted Provisional Charter

We are pleased to announce that the New York State Education Department Board of Regents voted on January 12, 2010 to grant the Inlet Historical Society a provisional five-year charter. Prior to the end of this provisional period the Society can apply for an “absolute” or permanent charter.
The importance of this charter, in addition to the recognition it gives the organization in the eyes of the State and other historical organizations, is that the Society is now able to apply to the Internal Revenue Service for 501(c)(3) non-profit status and to New York State for exemption from sales and use taxes.
Treasurer Greg O’Hara and Secretary Dianne Thibado spent many hours completing the charter application and revising the IHS constitution, by-laws and collection management policy to meet State requirements.  The new constitution and revised by-laws were approved the Board of Trustees and will be presented to the membership for its approval at this summer’s annual membership meeting.

Bring Your Inlet History to Inlet on January 22

The Inlet Historical Society  is hosting a “Locals History Day” on Friday January 22, 1-5p.m. at Inlet Town Hall. ~ read the Press Release ~

Letter from the President, Fall 2009

Inlet Historical Society:  An impressive beginning and a permanent presence for the future.

In the Spring and early Summer of 2009, a group of interested individuals, both Inlet and seasonal residents, established the Inlet Historical Society, elected officers and approved by-laws.  In order to attract interest in the organization and the Town’s history, four historical presentations were given since then concentrating on Inlet’s past and present, as well as describing the early beginnings of Inlet.  While two were advertised as repeat events, enough was changed to attract second time viewers.

The success of these events is evidenced that the Society has already attracted over 120 individual and household memberships.  Furthermore, attendees and others have offered photos, postcards and other artifacts as well as family histories for us to preserve.  We are not presently ready to receive them. The Society’s Board is focusing its efforts to qualify as a permanent historical society and asset to the Town of Inlet.  ~ read the letter ~

Letter to the Editor: 1st Membership Meeting

On June 30, 2009, the Inlet Historical Society met and approved dues amounts (Individual $15, Household $20), and the first members joined and approved by-laws required for chartering the organization.  The members also elected the first officers…  ~ read the letter ~

Inlet Then and Now

Inlet Then and Now

DATE:     JULY 23, 2009
TIME:     7.00 PM

With postcards, photographs and other images, the Inlet Historical
Society presents a program illustrating how Inlet hotels,
businesses and other structures appeared in the first part of the
20th Century and whether they exist today.

The program is free and open to members, residents and our
seasonal visitors.

We hope you enjoy this program and consider becoming a
member, helping to support our efforts, with programs like this, to
reveal and protect the Town’s historical heritage.

We would also welcome your involvement with our young
organization as we attempt to establish its presence as an
important asset to Inlet’s community and its visitor education
programs.  We also would welcome attendee comments on this
program, including what you would like to see in future programs.

So, please consider attending and bring any friends you feel would
be interested in Inlet history.  If you would like to become a
member, we will have forms at the presentation.

Inlet Historical Society to hold inaugural membership meeting

The Inlet Historical Society will hold its inaugural annual membership meeting on June 30, 2009 at 7 PM in the Inlet Town Hall.

All those interested in the history of the Town of Inlet and the Fulton Chain are invited to attend.  This meeting is an important step for the founding of the organization.

Attendees will establish the dues amounts, choose to become the first members, approve the organization’s by-laws, confirm the assigned officers and nominate & elect the first Director-at-large on the Board of Directors.  In addition, members and attendees will be invited to belong to the several committees that will perform the important work of recording, preserving and exhibiting the history of Inlet.

By approving by-laws and officers, the membership will enable the organization to apply for incorporation as a non-profit organization.  All who interested in the history of the town at the “Head of Fourth Lake” are invited to attend and be a part of Inlet’s history.

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